25 to August 27, 2010 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

TeleWork 2010 Book

TeleWork 2010


Information: telework2010@tic.org.ar

TELEWORK: Public Policies and Legislation Models


FIDT - International Forum for the Development of Teleworking


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The IDRC – International Development Research Centre – will award two grants for the best papers submitted by authors from Central America or the Caribbean. More information...


The authors of the best ten documents expounded during the Workshop are welcome to send a copy of their paper to be published by the Journal of eWorking (ISSN: 1872-3284). Aditionally, all documents produced will be published in "BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DEL MAESTRO" (National Teacher Library)

Important Dates

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What is Telework about?

Telework consists of two events:

  1. 15th Academic Workshop (closed event)
  2. Open Symposium (Public Event)

15th Academic Workshop

The academic track is targeted at the broad research community, including academics, practitioners and policymakers, and runs two full days (25th and 26th, August)

Participants are expected to present scientific papers in thematically assigned sessions and to also take part in the interactive workshop sessions.

The papers must fulfill the requirements and will be evaluated by an International Academic Committee.

Open Symposium

The Open Symposium is open to the community at large, including business, local and national government, and social partners.

It aims to present the latest research findings and future trends in an accessible manner, thereby contributing to greater awareness of evolving work and organizational practices. The symposium runs one full day, and consists of a combination of keynote speeches, panel reports, etc, which will be delivered by local and international speakers

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