25 to August 27, 2010 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

TeleWork 2010 Book

TeleWork 2010


Information: telework2010@tic.org.ar

TELEWORK: Public Policies and Legislation Models


FIDT - International Forum for the Development of Teleworking


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The IDRC – International Development Research Centre – will award two grants for the best papers submitted by authors from Central America or the Caribbean. More information...


The authors of the best ten documents expounded during the Workshop are welcome to send a copy of their paper to be published by the Journal of eWorking (ISSN: 1872-3284). Aditionally, all documents produced will be published in "BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DEL MAESTRO" (National Teacher Library)

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  1. TIC Commission
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It is committed to gather people who use the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for the development of their tasks, convinced that the larger the group of people is, the easier it is to make progress.

The switching of the productive paradigm from material to dematerialization (atom vs. byte) and the influence these technologies have on society, has restricted the admission of certain sectors and certain workers, but at the same time, however, many other opportunities unknown by the citizens have emerged. Research, documents and a fluent interchange will allow us to insert ourselves in the Information and Knowledge Society.

The TIC Commission was responsible for the following researches:


Both researches were possible thanks to the financial support of the  IDRC – International Development and Investigation Centre, a public corporation founded in 1970 by the Canadian Parliament, in order to solve the social, financial and political issues of the developing countries.
The TIC Commission has also founded the CEDTEL in the year 2008 www.cedtel.com.ar and organized numerous events based of this topic.



The Argentinean Association of Informatics and Communication Users is a civil association, a non-profit entity, whose aim is to defend the interests of the users of informatics and communications, so as to spread the use of these technologies in society, fostering its rational and ethical employment.

The entity was established on April 21st of 1982, in the exact moment when this sector was starting to have a strong growth, and its fundamental aim is to prevent economic measures of protectionist nature that would provoke a continuing increase of the price the users must pay for technology, and at the same time, the backwardness of the country in these aspects.

Nowadays, the globalization phenomenon in business and economic liberalization has lead this entity to modify its focus to other aims, as important as the one previously mentioned.

In the year 2003, USUARIA founded the TIC Commission of Telework.

It has organized numerous events.


The International Telework Academy has its roots in the International Telework Foundation (ITF), an independent non-profit association, which was launched in 1995 under the auspices of three independent members. Since 1996, an international series of telework workshops has been conducted to promote academic research in the domain of telework and other new forms of work, and to encourage exchange between researchers and practitioners in the field.

The academy has held a number of workshops including the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Greece. These workshops have resulted in the publication of several edited books of high academic standard.

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