25 to August 27, 2010 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

TeleWork 2010 Book

TeleWork 2010


Information: telework2010@tic.org.ar

TELEWORK: Public Policies and Legislation Models


FIDT - International Forum for the Development of Teleworking


Video: Buenos Aires emotions


The IDRC – International Development Research Centre – will award two grants for the best papers submitted by authors from Central America or the Caribbean. More information...


The authors of the best ten documents expounded during the Workshop are welcome to send a copy of their paper to be published by the Journal of eWorking (ISSN: 1872-3284). Aditionally, all documents produced will be published in "BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DEL MAESTRO" (National Teacher Library)

Important Dates

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Venue of the event and Logistics

Venue of the Event

The event will take place at the Auditorium of the Professional council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires. The address is: Viamonte 1549, City of Buenos Aires

Traveller information:

The event will take place in Capital Federal, city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Flights from abroad will directly land in Buenos Aires. There will be no need of any flight connections.

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Rental of Apartments in Buenos Aires:

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Additional information

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