25 to August 27, 2010 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

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TELEWORK: Public Policies and Legislation Models


FIDT - International Forum for the Development of Teleworking


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The IDRC – International Development Research Centre – will award two grants for the best papers submitted by authors from Central America or the Caribbean. More information...


The authors of the best ten documents expounded during the Workshop are welcome to send a copy of their paper to be published by the Journal of eWorking (ISSN: 1872-3284). Aditionally, all documents produced will be published in "BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DEL MAESTRO" (National Teacher Library)

Important Dates

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Open Symposium Schedule

August 27, 2010

Location: Auditorium of the Professional Council in Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, located in the street Viamonte 1549.

8:30 hs.: Acreditations

9:00 hs.: Opening and welcome
  • Graciela Montenegro, Vice-President 2° of Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  • Carolina Robino, IDRC
  • Alberto Chehebar, President of USUARIA
  • José Luis Imain, FEDUN - Federation of University Teachers
  • Sonia Boiarov, President of TIC's Comission of USUARIA.

10 hs. Opening Conference.

Telework: Its Evolution & Surprising Utility.Wendy Spinks, President of ITA- International Telework Academy.

10:30 hs.: Progress of academic event by thematic areas.
  • Inclussion: Luis Miguel Del Aguila, President of CODIS of Perú.
  • Sustainable Development: Amparo Arango, Technical Coordinator of National Commission Information Society and the Knowledge (CNSIC), Dominican Republic.
  • New Labor Relations: Flavio Rúffolo, Argentine Association of Teleworking.
Moderator: Cristina Rozo

11:15 hs: Break & networking

11:30 hs. Scholarships Holders from Central America. IDRC.
  • "The telework seen from inside" of Lic. Carlos Alberto Castro Garcia, from Costa Rica
  • "Telework: the construction of a new corporate identity in the context of the State organizations" coauthorship between the Mag. Liliana Chopped Alvarado and Lic. Carlos Steve Brizuela Avila, Costa Rica.

Moderator: Cristian Salazar

12:00 hs. Teleworking and universities:
  • Teleworking: How to control who do not see? Eduardo Alfredo Castillo Builes. Academic Director of the Catholic North University Foundation, Colombia.
  • Telework in the Southern University, Cristian Salazar, Chile.
  • Approximation to the critical analysis of teleworking in Argentina, Naum Poliszuk, Co-Founder of the center of teleworking and teletraining, Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA, Argentina.

Moderator: Carlos Pohl.

12:45 hs. The gaze of young people on the teleworking. Scholarships Holders Young Professionals IDRC. Delivery of recognition.
  • The General Contralor of the Republic moves with the Technology, Mario Morera Bolaños, Costa Rica.
  • Proposal for a model of teleworking for its implementation in the private sector companies of Peru. Roberto Daniel Ballón Bahamondes, Peru.
  • Field Remote Control, Diego Purgue, Argentina.
Moderator: Paula Maciel.

13:30 hs Free lunch

14:30 hs. Awards to the timeliness (will receive personal cards for the draw between the 14:15 and 14:30 hs.)

14:35hs. Legislation and Public Policy in Teleworking:
  • Prospects legislation in the Dominican Republic. Angela Altagracia Jáquez Rodriguez, Director of the Department for the Coordination of Commissions, Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic.
  • Prospects legislative in Chile. Dr Ricardo JURI SABAG, Chile, Editor of the Bill of teleworking.
  • Prospects legislative in Costa Rica. Jorge Enrique Zeledón Montero, Director of the office of the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy (Mideplan), Costa Rica.
  • Presentation of the investigation of the IDRC: Teleworking, Public Policies and Model Legislation, Sonia Boiarov

Moderator: Alejandro Brisolesse

15:30 hs. Teleworking and companies:
  • The experience of teleworking in the CNC - National Communications Commission- a public company of Argentina, Mario Thorp Responsible for Human Resources - National Communications Commission.
  • Telework and the virtual organizacoes some practices, Álvaro Melo, Brasil.
  • The experience of teleworking in the ICE of Costa Rica, Jorge Llubere, Director Teleworking and Video communications of the telecommunications company and Electricity ICE- and General Coordinator of teleworking in Government, Costa Rica.

Moderator: Pinzon Idelem

16:15 Video conference: Telework and the Global Labor Market: Do They Go Together? Gil Gordon

16:45 Break

17:00 a 18:00 hs Telework in the world

  • Work Load Factors in Virtual Teams. Harri Virolainen, Finlandia.
  • An analysis of the trend in studies in Japan Telework Society. Nobutane Hanayama, Japón
  • Psychological Safety in Virtual Teams. Andrew Gaudes, Canadá.
  • The factory to the building virtual. Presentation of Torres of teleworking. Sonia Boiarov and Jose Gonzalez Calderon (Inamika) of Argentina.
Moderator: Alvaro Mello

18:00 hs. Closure Conference:

"The productivity and teleworking in light of the economic studies. The Paradox of Solow and Teleworking", Francisco Ortiz Chaparro, Spain.

18:30 hs. Cierre

Telework2010 extra activity:

Monday, 30th, 11 am. Tour to CNC, an insider look at their Telework Program. Transportation not included.
Pre-registration is required. E-mail us to info@tic.org.ar subject line "CNC + last name"

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