25 to August 27, 2010 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

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TeleWork 2010


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TELEWORK: Public Policies and Legislation Models


FIDT - International Forum for the Development of Teleworking


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The IDRC – International Development Research Centre – will award two grants for the best papers submitted by authors from Central America or the Caribbean. More information...


The authors of the best ten documents expounded during the Workshop are welcome to send a copy of their paper to be published by the Journal of eWorking (ISSN: 1872-3284). Aditionally, all documents produced will be published in "BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL DEL MAESTRO" (National Teacher Library)

Important Dates

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Academic Event Schedule

August 25, 2010

Location: Auditorium of the Professional Council in Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, located in the street Viamonte 1549.

08:30 hs.: Accreditations

09:00 hs.: Opening and welcome

ITA: Wendy Spinks
Cedtel: Sonia Boiarov
Coordinators by thematic:

  • Inclusion: Luis Miguel Del Águila, President of COFIS of Perú.
  • Sustainable Development: Amparo Arango, Technical Coordinator National Commission Information Society and the Knowledge (CNSIC), Dominican Republic.
  • New Labor Relations: Flavio Rúffolo, Argentine Association of Teleworking.

10:00 hs.: Management, teleworking and university: UNED, Miguel Gutierrez, Director of the School of Administration, Costa Rica.(thematic new labor relations)

10:30 hs.: Lectured invited: Amparo Arango. Teleworking and gender. Dominican Republic. (Thematic inclusion labor)

11:00 hs.: Lectured invited: Susana Finkelievich, Program Director of Research on the Information Society, Gino Germani Research Institute, University of Buenos Aires, and President of LINKS, Civil Association for the study and promotion of the Information Society.

11:30 hs.: Break & Networking

12:00 hs.: Dissertation by German Realpe Delgado "Green Teleworking". Association of Computer's Rights (Colombia) (thematic sustainable development)

12:30 hs.: Video of Tourism's Secretary about Argentina

13:00 hs.: Lunch

14:30 hs.: Prize to timeliness (will receive personal cards from 2:15 PM to 14:30 pm)

14:35 hs.: Methodology of academic event. Lic. Ana Rozo.

15:00 hs.: Work tables start: Presentation of the members to its officers, brief presentation of papers submitted and beginning of the exchange.
  • Table 1: Teleworking and inclusion labor. Coordinates: Luis Miguel del Aguila.
  • Table 2: Teleworking and inclusion labor the role of universities. Coordinates: José Luis Imain.
  • Table 3: Teleworking and sustainable development Social Aspect. Coordinates: Amparo Arango.
  • Table 4: Teleworking and sustainable development Economic Aspect. Coordinates: Cecilia Delgado Wiesner.
  • Table 5: The new relations of the work. Teleworking and labor flexibility. Coordinates: Flavio Rúffolo.
  • Table 6: The new relations of the work. Legal Aspects. Coordinates: Clara Costamagna.
  • Table 7: The new relations of the work. Implementations. Coordinates:Juan Antonio Cabrera Rico.
  • Table 8: The new relations of the work. Cases coordinates:Hildamar C. Fernandez
  • Table 9: Networking. Free table for those who want to talk without disrupting the work of his group.
18:00 hs.: Day's Closure.

August 26, 2010

Location: Auditorium of the Professional Council in Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, located in the street Viamonte 1549.

08:45 hs.: Prize to the timeliness (will receive personal cards until 9:05hs)

09:05 hs.: Svein Bergum of Norway, Lillehammer University College. Videoconferencing.

09:30 hs.: The difficulty of implementation of teleworking in the brazilian public company. Vera Regina Alexandre Boscatte

09:50 hs.: Work tables start: Construction of the document to answer the questions raised. Selection of a spokesman.

11:30 hs. a 11:45 hs.: Break

13:00 hs.: Lunch.

14:30 hs.: Prize to the timeliness (will receive personal cards from 2:15 PM to 14:30 pm)

14:30 hs.: Act 1221 for the Promotion of teleworking in Colombia. Claudia Giraldo.

15.00 hs.: Exchange between tables in the same thematic axis.
  • Labor Inclusion
  • Sustainable Development.
  • New relations of the work.

16:30 hs.: Presentation's construction of 15' to expose the 27th in the Open Symposium.

17:30 hs.: Pooling in plenary of 15'. The coordinators and spokesmen would be invited to talk about conclusions and reflections of the exchange done.

18:30 hs.: Day's closure

Telework2010 extra activity:

Thursday, 26th, 6:30 pm. Tour to Workstation. Transportation included. Pre-registration is required. E-mail us to info@tic.org.ar subject line "workstation + last name"
Note: Access is by stairs only, please keep that in mind.

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